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Georgetown, Texas

Community heritage and kid approved fun combine in detailed playscape.

  • Designed play structures reflecting the community’s heritage & history.
  • Crafted highly detailed climbers, including an 8’ boulder & a realistic teepee.
  • Engineered the custom play structures with weather resistant, Texas-tough materials
  • Replaced outdated equipment with structures meeting federal & state compliance guidelines.


Faced with replacing a wooden play structure that no longer complied with accessibility guidelines, the City of Georgetown, TX launched a renovation project to update the playground and pay tribute to the community’s rich heritage. The project called for structures that were safe, accessible, and highly detailed.


The 4 Kids designed and crafted modern equipment that integrated aspects of Georgetown’s heritage.  We built play structures representing different eras, including the community’s Native American cultures and its settlement period. Custom pieces included:

  • 8’ Climbing boulder
  • Calf Climber
  • Wagon Wheel Climber
  • Teepee Climber
  • Hay Bale Climber

Despite their old-timey feel, each custom play structure is constructed to meet all necessary compliance standards. Each piece was crafted with durable materials, like glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) or glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP), to maintain function and appearance no matter what kind of weather the Texas climate dishes out.


The Creative Playscape is now a safe, accessible place for kids to play and imagine as well as learn about their community’s rich heritage.

Next Step

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To see the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below:

Andes Boulder            Calf Climber

Hay Bale Climber        Teepee Climber

Wagon Wheel Climber