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A Farm or Frontier themed playground is a haven for imaginative kids who love the Old West. Imagine having a wagon wheel with spokes you can climb, mounted on a boulder. Delighted kids love The 4 Kids' Wagon Wheel Climber, which brings the frontier, or the farm, to community or commercial playgrounds in a unique and imaginative way. Make believe is easy with this customized wagon wheel playground climber, and safety is ensured by master playground designers who use superior construction materials. Durable in any weather, The 4 Kids' Wagon Wheel Climber promises years of climbing fun on the playground.

  • Everything a park planner needs
  • Perfect for theme parks, community or commercial playgrounds
  • Customized designs
  • Mounted on a constructed boulder for safety

To see the Wagon Wheel Climber installed, check out the fun playground at San Gabriel's Creative Playscape.

Use Zone: 16' x 16'

Mounting Options: Installation Options 

Wagon Wheel Climber
16' X 16'