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Great as a bollard to guide visitors to your park; the Basketball makes a great addition as themed bollards for sports park entrances school gyms and more. 

The Basketball can also be designed for use in a play area for a unique experience on the playground. Children have tested and approved these play structures over traditional play equipment hands down! Changes in body positioning are the keys to increasing core stability and strength, whether standing, sitting, crawling, or jumping. We will work with you to create a play piece that will bring a new level of excitement to your park or playground. 

  • Many sizes, colors, and textures available
  • Manufactured in high quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete that is strong and easily tolerates the weather
  • Natural mineral based materials are safe and non-toxic
  • Custom bollards 

Material: Check Our Brochure for Material Options 

Color: Custom colors available 

Mounting Options: Bollard Mounting

*The piece shown here is for display only. For usage in a playground, we will produce a slightly modified version for safety and durability reasons. If you have any questions or need help with recommendations, drawings, specifications, modifications or customization, we are here to help.

Typical modifications/customizations we can help you with include: changes in colors, age group, surfacing type, surfacing depth and attachment.

Basketball Bollard
Fully Customizable