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Slithering down a guided path...

Dramatic and even capable of sending a tingling thrill down the spine of child and adults alike, this coiled Cobra Post Topper from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas is sure to be a big hit among the visitors to theme parks, children’s museums, family fun centers and zoos.  Sitting atop a post that might be used to border walkways or mark entrances, the Cobra Post Topper makes a strong impact on the décor plan of any playground, mesmerizing children and adults alike with flawless detail.  Lifelike and realistic down to the intricate markings on the cobra, the post topper turns a ho hum utility post into a gallery worthy work of playground art, captivating everyone with its exciting design.   Used as part of a collection of wildlife play sculpture post toppers in a jungle theme park or zoo, the Cobra is also a spectacular stand alone décor enhancement.  Crafted from durable, high quality construction material, The 4 Kids designs require very little maintenance in all weather conditions, making them popular with park planners.

  • Coiled cobra design that thrills and impresses
  • Low maintenance, high quality
  • Flawlessly detailed, realistic and lifelike
  • Part of an extensive The 4 Kids collection

Click Here to see this Cobra as a Sculpture

Cobra Post Topper
21" x 21" x Post Height