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A Pair of Macaws to Watch Over You in the Garden

Colorful and exotic, this Blue Gold Macaw Pair Post Topper brings the beauty of the jungle to life. Intense color and meticulous design bring the birds to life as they line pathways, decorate entrances or point the way to themed venues. Thanks to the high quality, hard wearing surface material, the Blue Gold Macaw Pair are united in their ability to weather all outdoor conditions for long lasting good looks and years of service. Even the salt spray of the ocean cannot harm the finish of this superior work of playground art. 

  • Works of playground art that add fun and flair
  • Meticulous detail, lifelike design
  • Team of expert artists, sculptors and designers
  • For: Theme Parks, Playgrounds, Resorts, Retail, Anywhere

Click Here to see this bird pair as a Sculpture

Blue Gold Macaw Pair Post Topper
21.5"L x 18"W x 36.5"H