Aviation Pilot / Products

The art of playground sculpture has been perfected by the design artists from

The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas. Evidenced by this astonishing replica of a

classically dressed airplane Pilot, as part of the extensive Transportation

collection, our designs add a powerful presence in a themed park, playground,

indoor or outdoor family fun center, even retail outlets. Standing 6 feet 5 inches

tall, this fully outfitted airplane Pilot looks ready to fly kids to the height of fun and

excitement, where make believe is child’s play. So realistically rendered, The 4

Kids Pilot structure is often mistaken for a real air captain, and fascinates

children and adults alike as he welcomes visitors to a Transportation themed

commercial or community recreation or play center. He looks as tough and

capable as you’d expect an airplane pilot to be, but this superior play structure is

durable for other reasons. Because of his high quality resin construction, he can

withstand all weather conditions, saltspray, wear and tear while retaining his

great looks and flawless finish for years, standing tall and impressive to delight

youngsters of all ages.

  •  The 4 Kids custom designs your ideas
  •  Free initial quote and consultation
  •  High quality resin construction
  •  Virtually no maintenance
  •  Authentic detail and realistic design
Aviation Pilot