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Greenville, Texas

Aviation Themed Water Park Kicks It Up a Notch With Fun Water Features

  • Provided aviation related sculptures to add to the water park theme
  • Items were constructed with resilient, weather-tough materials
  • Helped the owners meet their mission to provide fun water park features


The mission of Splash Kingdom water park in Greenville, TX is to give visitors a fun and family friendly environment where they could relax, have fun, and get wet doing it. They already had the aviation theme in mind, and asked us to provide some sculptures that could really kick it up a notch.


Our team provided several plane sculptures placed atop posts, that squirt water at the swimmers. There is also a shiny rocket sculpture inside the lazy river hangar and a pilot placed at the entry way to welcome all of the water park patrons.


Everyone is thrilled with all of the twisty water slides, bubbling fountains, the wave pool and the squirting airplanes “flying” overhead. As soon as visitors walk in, they see the dashing Aviation Pilot all suited up to welcome young pilots. He has definitely made his debut as the hot spot for photo ops. As you curve around the lazy river, you see multiple photos from aviator’s passed and a large red and white shiny rocket. It certainly solidifies the theme of the park

Next Step

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"I am very happy with the way they turned out, and the park goers are just in love with all of the added features.”

-D. Ramirez

To see some of the individual products used in this project, click on one of the links below:

Aviation Pilot                Planes

Rocket Sculpture