18" Mushroom Stepper / Products

Garden mushrooms that a kid can play on, testing their balance by hopping from one to another. These realistically designed Mushroom Steppers will have your kids wondering if they’re real. These steppers are custom designed and could even include illumination to light the way to great fun on your playground adventure. Constructed with the highest safety standards, of glass fiber reinforced concrete, the steppers require virtually no maintenance i and are customized for size, shape, color.

  • Playground art that kicks up the fun factor
  • Safety standards are high, maintenance is low
  • Design team includes artists and engineers
  • Realistically rendered mushroom steppers can be illuminated

Ages: 2-12                                               

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: Many Color Options Available

Use Zone: 13'9" x 13'7"

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2  

18" Mushroom Stepper
1'9"L x 1'7"W x 1'6"H