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If you're looking for a place to sit, how about on a zebra? A Zebra Bench that is! A unique piece of furniture that can be placed is anywhere is designed as a zebra. Six feet long, this resting zebra is waiting for you. Two adults can easily rest here while watching their children play at the park. Little ones can sit or climb all over while visiting the zoo. What better chance will they have to get a safe, close up view of an African animal? They can touch the amazing detail, and have fun counting stripes. Custom designed with nature, safari and zoo themed parks in mind, this superior playground equipment is a boost for playgrounds, zoos, restaurants and more.

  • Makes for great photo op
  • Designed with material that retains its color and beauty
  • No special maintenance needed
  • Additional zebra-themed furniture and play sculptures also available

Ages: 2-12                                                 

Color: Colors as shown

Use Zone: 18' x 15'

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Zebra Bench
5'8.25"L x 2'7.5"W x 3'7.25"H