4ft Walking Crocodile / Products

Walk with a crocodile

Climb and crawl and run

Play with him for a while

You'll see it's lots of fun!

The 4 Kids' Walking Crocodile Play Sculpture inspires kids to engage in an interactive play experience that brings the world of nature to life on the playground. Park or fun center, community or commercial playground, every venue where children play will be enhanced by this walking crocodile play structure. Expertly crafted with a choice of five quality finishes, this captivating croc makes for joyous children from 2 to 12 years old. Do you have ideas for how this fascinating playground structure will work for you? The 4 Kids designers will make them reality.

  • Custom designed
  • Safe and low maintenance
  • Ideal for nature themes
  • Fun for all kids
  • Free initial quotes
4ft Walking Crocodile