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Nature Inspired

This charming version of The Woodlands Tree House set is perfect for those who want large adventure but have a smaller space. Give young adventurers a tree they can climb inside and run around. Standing at 18ft high, the children will be able see it from down the street and asking to go to the park. Our nature inspired playground is cladded in gfrc, which gives it a great texture for that woodsy feel, and lends itself to sensory play.

The Woodland II is comprised of two gazebo style tree houses connected by a bridge with safety netting. It also has branch-like railing, safety netting, a twisty slide, racing slide, net climber, and ADA accessible steps with a grab bar. Children can build their muscles by climbing the net making their way to the deck, then have fun twisting down the slide. With our gfrc creations, you can rest assured, the children will have durable, long-lasting equipment that they can enjoy for many years to come. 

  • Custom designed play features
  • Low maintenance materials
  • Safety and Durability
  • Free consultation and start to finish support

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Use Zone 60'8" x 32'8"

Woodland II
Use Zone 60'8" x 32'8"