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We knew fruit was healthy but who knew it could be so fun?! Our Watermelon Animal Cracker's eye-popping realistic colors will draw the eyes of infants, the hands of toddlers and full on body contact of younger children as they scramble to climb, balance and slide its sleek build. It can be used to decorate a botanical garden, provide a distraction, or populate a garden or healthy eating themed exhibit. This little Watermelon would make for a great water feature at splash parks.

  • Available in finishes included realistic, stone and concrete
  • Good for ages 6 months to 12 years
  • Safe for anyone to touch and climb
  • Materials are weather resistant and easy to clean

Click Here to see this at the City of Paris Farmer's Market                                              

Age Range: 6-23 Yrs, 2-5 Yrs

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer    

Color: Custom Colors Available

Use Zone: 14'8.75" x 13'2"

Mounting Options: See Typical Installation Details 

Watermelon Animal Cracker
2' 8.75"L x 1'2"W x 2'6"H