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Everyone knows Venus is the goddess of love and one thing is certain, visitors to the theme park will love The 4 Kids Venus Sphere Post Topper as a dramatic and impressive element of the décor for space parks, playgrounds, fun centers, entertainment venues, museums and many more venues. The possibilities for placement never stop when plain old park utility posts are topped with this unique replica of the planet Venue from the studios of The 4 Kids. As part of a displayed collection of well made space designs, the play structure can turn a set of park posts into an exciting walk along the solar system to border. Pointing the way to ride queues, eateries, fun centers or entrances and exits, The 4 Kids Venus Sphere is exciting and captivating for little ones as well as big ones.  Park planners love its top quality and weather resistant finish that retains its good looks in all conditions. This Venus is unaffected by snow, ice, salt spray from the sea or intense heat, retaining its indestructible color and detailed finish with virtually no maintenance for years to come.

  • High quality, low maintenance
  • Customized
  • Authentic color and design
  • Alone or as part of a collection, it’s an awesome accent for décor

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Venus Post Topper
Fully Customizable