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Create your own planetarius with a solar system of Planet Post Toppers

Sitting atop a utility post in a space themed park, The 4 Kids Uranus Sphere Post Topper lends an aura of mystery and the drama of outer space that is fascinating to kids as well as their parents. Realistically rendered in variegated shades of gray, the sphere turns an ordinary utility post into a part of the universe. Imagine strolling down a walkway lined with the solar system, set on posts to replicate the orbiting planets, or how about having a bite to eat at your favorite eatery booth among the stars and planets of the Milky Way. Theme parks, playgrounds, fun centers, entertainment venues, museums, resorts, retail outlets or planetariums, the possibilities for placement are endless for The 4 Kids Uranus Sphere Post Topper design, crafted to last by experts in the Greenville, Texas studios. With a superior, resilient finish that withstands all weather conditions, even ice, snow and salt spray from the sea, The 4 Kids Uranus Sphere Post Topper is sure to retain its beautiful detail and vibrant color for years of service.

  • Expert design team of artists
  • High quality color and craftsmanship
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • For parks, playgrounds, indoor or outdoors

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Uranus Post Topper
Fully Customizable