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Resting solemnly, this Stone Egyptian Sphinx looks like a guard to another world. Perfect for park entryways, the Sphinx makes his presence known. Place two at the entrance of your casino or resort, and guest are sure to remember your place. Crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, he is sure to last as long as the pyramids. This material is flame resistant, safe from salt spray and the harsh weather of mother nature. All of our products are fully customizable, and available in many finishes and a wide array of colors. Perfect for archaeological theme parks and playgrounds, this Egyptian relic is a unique piece to spark the imagination of children of all ages.

  • Custom created play structures
  • Superior construction, low maintenance
  • Ideal for archaeological themed play areas or casinos
  • Art, History and Adventure on the Playground

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Stone Egyptian Sphinx on Base
6'7.5"L x 2'9.5"W x 3'8"H