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Follow the dinosaur tracks to fun, with The 4 Kids Dino Tracks as part of any playground, park, or indoor or outdoor fun center. Dinosaur themed play centers are perfect locations for Dino Tracks, leading children on a trip through the world of the dinosaur and providing a priceless play experience. Constructed of superior glass fiber reinforced polymer, The 4 Kids Dino Tracks are high in safety and low in maintenance. A delightful pathway for kids on the playground, these special sculptures can be finished in an array of choice finishes. Dino Tracks are custom designed for age groups from 6 months to 12 years old and are meticulously designed by talented artists at The 4 Kids.

  • Completely customized
  • Maximum safety, minimum maintenance
  • Kids love following the tracks to fun
  • For outdoor or indoors


Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Use Zone: N/A

Mounting Options: Installation Option 

Dino Tracks
Fully Customizable