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Take young imaginations diving beneath prehistoric waters with this Dunkleosteus Sculpture. Our artisans crafted this armored fish with realistic details that spark kids' curiosity about the ancient natural world. It's made using material that will keep its look and texture for many years, making it a smart, low-maintenance investment for your dino-themed or prehistoric-themed museum, exhibit, attraction, or playground. Dunkleosteus is just one of many prehistoric sculptures we offer--check out all of them! This ancient creature makes a wonderful water park feature. Why not add a bubbling Dunkleosteus to your splash pad?

  • Built to withstand indoor or outdoor display
  • Themed art team with 30+ years of experience ready to make your project a reality
  • No-cost, no-hassle initial consultation and quote
  • Turn this sculpture into a water park addition

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Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Dunkleosteus Sculpture
6'8"L x 3'W x 1'11"H