Sauropod Egg / Products

Sauropods were the largest land animals ever to live. The longest recorded being over 100 feet long. This egg here is available at 9", 12" or larger. We love custom work. If you would like multiple eggs or larger egg sculptures, we would love to make them for you. Group several together to make a "nest" of eggs for little kids to touch and explore. Place them in sand, and you have a unique fossil dig. We offer many prehistoric themed fossil digs for children to play archaeologist on. These eggs make a wonderful display at museums and educational centers. If you’d like to add even more to your display, we can make these eggs glow for you. To see some of our other glowing work, check out the Leap Frog Forest in Dallas, TX.

  • Built from strong material that maintains its look and texture for many years
  • Requires no special maintenance
  • Many color options available
  • Just one of many dinosaur play sculptures from The 4 Kids
Sauropod Egg
7"W x 9"H , 6.75"D x 12"H