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Let's Explore the Ice Age!

Excavate your very own with The 4 Kids' Sabre Tooth Fossil Skull excavation. Kids will feel like an archaeologist as they wipe away the sand to reveal the most fascinating extinct creature. They can count the teeth, and feel the large canines that represent the sabretooth's most well-known feature. Bring out the natural explorer in your children. This would make a wonderful hands-on exhibit at a children's museum or an elementary science classroom. Widen their education and excitement with firsthand science.

Ready for an excavation? Contact us today to order your own Saber Tooth.

  • Crafted from GFRC in Greenville, TX
  • Provides Archaeoligical Adventures in the Classroom
  • Provides Hands-On Learning
  • We have many Skulls to choose from 


Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image.)

Use Zone: Custom sizes available

Mounting Options: Installation Options  

Saber Tooth Fossil Skull