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Visitors to your Farmyard theme park, playground, nature center, zoo or family entertainment venue will be waiting for The 4 Kids Rooster Post Topper replica to call “cock-a-doodle-doo,” as they study the meticulous detail on this amazing lifelike playground sculpture. Perfectly rendered in the colors of nature itself, the rooster stands at attention atop utility posts that are used in parks for tasks that include supporting signage, welcoming visitors at entrances and bordering walkways and spaces for eating, waiting or just having fun. From his bright red cockscomb to his black and white tail feathers, this little rooster is a favorite in the park, turning a row of ho hum park utility markers to a flock of captivating barnyard fowl, kicking up both the fun factor and the decor scheme level of panache. You won’t find The 4 Kids Rooster running for the coop at the first drop of rain or snow, however, since the design team who created him in The 4 Kids Greenville, Texas studios made sure to include top notch quality and a superior, weather resistant finish for year round good looks and very low maintenance in all conditions.

  • World renowned designers
  • Top quality craftsmanship
  • Lifelike replica
  • Enhances park décor

Click Here to see the Rooster as a Sculpture

Rooster Post Topper
20.5" x 10.25" x Post Height