Red Baron Small / Products

When the décor theme is aerospace, military, air travel, transportation or history, whether in an exciting theme park, on a community playground, indoor or outdoor, civic or commercial water park/fun center, this impressive play sculpture design from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, is a must have. At just one foot, 7 inches high and three feet nine inches long, the Red Baron Airplane is small enough to add flair and whimsy to the décor theme yet large enough to accommodate delighted youngsters who would love a make believe ride with the legendary Red Baron. Finished in superior, durable resin, this playground sculpture was crafted by expert artists, designers and engineers as a perfect replica of the famous fighter plane piloted by The Red Baron during World War II. Tested by kids for strength as well as function, this impressive play structure received high marks for fun on the playground. Park supervisors love it for its low maintenance requirements and weather resistance in all conditions.


  • Customized designs for park and playground equipment

  • American made by The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas

  • Realistically designed replica of The Red Baron’s airplane

  • High fun factor, low maintenance requirement

  • Perfect as a décor accent in theme parks or play structure


Red Baron Small
45"L x 35"W x 19.5"H