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Crawl Over and Under Creatures From The Deep

Get ready to crawl all over this amazingly crafted Octopus Log Crawler. We've taken two of our favorite items and melded them together in this unique piece that only some would find on the ocean floor. Handcrafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete into a texture that looks as though it was pulled from the deep, but smooth enough to climb on without hurting yourself. No barnacles here, just a crawling octopus to tackle. Children can develop their sensory skills when touching the textures of the octopus and log crawler. A fun way to promote learning through hands on, this piece would be excellent in children's museums and public parks. Stay with the neutral colors or we can color the octopus to your liking. Custom is our middle name. Contact our friendly staff today to get crafting for your ocean themed playscape.

  • Hand crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete
  • sure to last for years of enjoyment
  • Perfect for any age Toddler+
  • Aids in developing fine motor skills with climbing
Octopus Log Crawler
Fully Customizable