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Nautilus shells have been found around the world. Mostly beaches. As the Nautilus Shell Bubbler is perfect for beach themed playground, it also makes a great piece for a dinosaur themed park or any splash pad. This intricately crafted bubbling stepping stone enhances the décor at Dinosaur water parks or beach themed parks. The Nautilus Shell Bubbler is only one of our collection of high quality park and playground structures, made from tough, resistant construction material. That means the stepping stone will remain beautiful and functional for years to come in all weather conditions, even salt water, with virtually no maintenance required. Whether part of a collection of exciting pieces for a themed water park or as a one of a kind accent for a smaller splash pad, this nautilus shell bubbler will delight and impress. Functional as a water feature for a splash park or alone as a stepping stone.

  • Highest quality, lowest maintenance
  • Perfect for themed playgrounds or Dinosaur parks
  • Stimulate imaginations with creatures of the deep
  • All-weather durable, withstands even salt water spray

Ages: 6-23mo, 2-12                                              

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Use Zone: N/A

Mounting Options:  Installation Option 

Nautilus Shell Bubbler
Fully Customizable