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Enchanting and mysterious, like walking through a mystical forest, the Mystic Hollow Tree House draws kids to explore make believe with their friends. Balance on the roots and play inside. Little critters can be added for that special touch. So realistically designed it’s hard to believe it isn’t a real tree. Meticulously detailed, the tree house offers children a play experience to stimulate growing bodies as well as developing imaginations. As safety comes first, this nearly 14 foot high tree house will be made using glass fiber reinforced concrete, which means the tree house is virtually maintenance free in all kinds of weather.

Customization is available. We can place birds on the branches, seating inside and more. Call us to get started.

  • Customized designs based on your ideas
  • Superior design and GFRC construction
  • High safety standards, low maintenance requirements
  • Excellent for Parks, Museums, Zoos, Resorts, etc. 

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Mounting Options: Installation Options  

Mystic Hollow
Use Zone: 25’10” x 20’10”