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What could be more exciting for kids than an airplane ride in a vintage Mustang Model Airplane? The Mustang Model Airplane is one of a wide and varied collection of vintage and modern airplane playground equipment that are perfect replicas of the originals. Design and color, detail and finish, every aspect of the model airplane is meticulously created by masters of this playground work of art that is kid-sized, at nine feet nine inches long and three feet two inches high. A tough, durable resin finish protects it from the wear and tear of delighted children who crawl, climb, balance and explore this superior playground sculpture while allowing their imaginations to soar to new heights. 

  • Custom designs by playground artists
  • High quality construction for high levels of safety, low maintenance, weather-resistant
  • Realistic replica of authentic Mustang Model Airplane
  • Completely American made in Greenville, Texas
Mustang Model Plane
175.5"L x 120"W x 28"H