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The hottest planet right in your backyard 

The hottest planet in the solar system happens to be the hottest new work of playground art from The 4 Kids Greenville, Texas studios.  The Mercury Sphere Post Topper will have theme park goers orbiting to get a chance to examine the realistic, meticulously detailed playground sculpture when it is included in the décor plan of aeronautical museums, planetariums, science centers and space theme parks. Crowning utilitarian posts used to mark walkways, entrances and exits, supporting signage or bordering queues, the post topper work of playground art turns these ho hum sets of markers into exciting ways to kick up the fun factor, delighting visitors and enhancing décor plans.  Besides the amazing artistry and design, The 4 Kids Mercury Sphere Post Topper is also superior to others because of its high quality finish and durability. Virtually maintenance free, the post topper is long wearing and weather resistant in all conditions, even snow, ice and sea salt spray, ensuring park maintenance staff of good looks and a high level of service for years to come.

  •          Custom designs based on client needs and preferences
  •          Team of talented playground artists, sculptors and designers
  •          American made playground art in Greenville, Texas
  •          High level of quality, virtually no maintenance
  •          Perfect décor tool for theme parks

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Mercury Post Topper
Fully Customizable