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Fourth planet from the sun, but only an arm's reach away on this post topper

The draw of deep space, rocket travel and the solar system is exciting and powerful in imaginative children. As the theme of parks, science centers, planetariums and aeronautical museums, it’s a popular concept, drawing crowds of space aficionados of all ages. As part of a successful décor plan for these venues, The 4 Kids Mars Sphere Post Topper is a must, adding a fun and functional feature to indoor or outdoor areas, along walkways, at entrances and exits or even supporting signage. As the crowning touch on a collection of plain utility posts, Mars is a delightful décor accent that turns these useful but rather boring tools into must have decorating staples. The height of the planet art is set at the preference of park planners, who are able to choose the size of the post. As part of a collection of planets or as a stand-alone work of art, The 4 Kids Mars Sphere Post Topper is tough and durable, with a weather resistant finish that withstands the elements for long years of good looks and high quality service in every venue.

  •          Custom designs from The 4 Kids
  •          Talented playground artists
  •          Highest quality, low maintenance
  •          Eye catching design is perfect
  •          For theme parks, science centers and museum use

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Mars Post Topper
Fully Customizable