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Balance, Jump, Race and Have Fun with our New Log Hurdles! Log Hurdles are a simple way for children ages 2+ to practice their balance and coordination, and have a blast doing it. Our Log Hurdles are made low to the ground to offer easy access and a short fall zone. With the realistic bark texture, achieved using GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), children can enjoy sensory play by exploring the crevices and rough textures along the surface of the log. We also offer the Log Hurdles with a smooth texture for a different look. This item comes in 4', 6' and 8' lengths, but can be customized to what you need. Pair it with our Stump Stepper Challenge to really offer a natur-istic course of fun.  Log Hurdles are sold as a set of three. The quantity and lengths are up to you.

  • Provides exercise and builds confidence
  • Realistic textures for nature themed play
  • Quality materials for years of enjoyment
  • Can be made to client specification


Color: Brown with Bark texture (Color may vary from image.)

Use Zone: Based upon dimensions

Mounting Options: Installation Options 

Log Hurdles Bark