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Time to Hop and Jump all over these little Stumps!

Energetic kids like nothing more than the chance to let off some of that steam by jumping, made all the more fun when there’s a challenge involved. The Tree Stump Stepper Challenge jumps up the fun at theme parks, commercial playgrounds, indoors, outdoors or wherever active children gather for fun. Built for enjoyment as well as variety, the authentically designed stumps range from 18 to 23 inches high, perfect for testing coordination and setting young imaginations free. Jumping from stump to stump improves balance and motor skills while giving delighted kids a chance at a super fun challenge. Crafted by a team of playground artists, designers and engineers, the stumps are actually glass fiber reinforced concrete, which makes them virtually indestructible in any condition nature can throw at them. The low maintenance, superior finish remains undamaged under the bouncing feet of hundreds of happy kids as well as in snow, ice or even salt spray, making this stepper challenge a natural for playgrounds everywhere.

  • Customized designs to meet specific playground needs
  • Made in Greenville, Texas
  • Providing awesome playground fun like Bringle Park
  • Ideal for every park or playground


Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Use Zone: 25'6" X 16'6"

Mounting Options: Installation Options  

Tree Stump Stepper Challenge
25'6" X 16'6"