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Absolutely perfect for placement at planetariums or science centers, The 4 Kids Jupiter Sphere Post Topper is one of the most exciting theme park décor features to emerge from the Greenville, Texas studios, designed as the crowning touch for utility posts. Imagine the powerful impact of a line of detailed planet post toppers along walkways and at entrances to a Space Museum or Solar System theme park, playground, commercial or community fun center, making it ideal for displaying signage and directional markers, since park goers can’t help but notice this eye catching Jupiter Sphere. Realistically created to replicate the real thing, The 4 Kids expert playground artists put a high priority on quality as well as artistry. Crafted with a tough, indestructible finish that is weather resistant, even in snow, ice or salt spray, the post topper needs very little maintenance for years of long wearing quality and service. As part of a collection of planets, a replica of the solar system or as a stand alone work of gallery worthy playground art, The 4 Kids Jupiter Sphere Post Topper is sure to be a favorite at the park or fun center. 

  •          High quality, low maintenance
  •          Meticulous detail
  •          Artistic and durable
  •          Solar system must have
  •          Customized designs

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Jupiter Post Topper
Fully Customizable