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Buzy Little Climbers

Calling all kids who are crawlers and climbers! The 4 Kids' Log Crawlers are made up of a collection of very cool hollow tunnels or logs that you can crawl through and climb on while developing a healthy sense of balance. For a Hive that's out of this world, add the Honeycomb Climber and our Honeycomb Steppers. You'll have a buzzing playspace! 

Our crawlers are expertly created by the artists in the studios of The 4 Kids, and this unique example of playground equipment blends perfectly with elements of a nature themed community or commercial themed play park. Pretending to be bees is fun!

  • Customized crawl tubes
  • High safety factor, low maintenance
  • One of many nature themed products
  • High safety factor, low maintenance

Click Here to see the Log Crawlers at Bringle Park

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete 

Color: As Shown (Colors may vary from image)

Use Zone: 16' x 14'9", 18' x 14'9"

Mounting Options: Installation Options 

Honeycomb Crawler
18' x 14'9"