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You've heard of ants on a log, but how about Frogs on a log? This Frog Log Crawler is sure to make all of the kids want to return to your park over and over again. This log is 4feet long, but can be customized to any size. The frog on top is almost 3' long and looks like he is just waiting for someone to play. Children will be able to get an upclose look at a larger-than-life frog for a great nature experience. Hand crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, this piece is sure to last you for decades of memories and play to come. Want more than just a frog? We have frogs, ants, lady bugs and more. Let us help you make your nature themed playscape magnificent and fun.

  • Many customized options available
  • Safety first, loads of fun, virtually maintenance free
  • Helps develop nature appreciation
  • Wildlife themed

Use Zone: 16' x 14'9"

                 18' x 14'9"

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Frog On A Log
18' x 14'9"