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A theme park is always an exciting destination for kids, especially a park that caters to the kinds of ideas and concepts that kids love, like airplanes.  The F-16 Model Airplane from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas fits perfectly into a theme park for kids that offers everything for interactive and imaginative play adventure.  With the help of the experts at The 4 Kids, you can build a playground that will thrill and delight children and adult visitors for years to come, sparking their interest and building levels of enjoyment on the playground that fly as high as the F-16.  Military enthusiasts will go wild for the meticulously detailed replica of this fighter plane, and kids will never get tired of exploring the play possibilities of the perfectly crafted three feet eleven inch by five feet one inch playground sculpture.

A high quality resin finish ensures years of fun and virtually no maintenance, with built-in safety features to allow parents to breathe easy while kids have the time of their lives.


  • Customized playgrounds from The 4 Kids
  • American made park designs in Greenville, Texas
  • High Quality resin construction, low maintenance levels
  • F-16 design enhances Aircraft themed playgrounds, water parks, fun centers
  • Experts are standing by
F-16 Jet
60.5"L x 48"W x 18"H