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Create a virtual garden with a multitude of flowers

Varied shades of green and the classic scalloped petals of a tulip make The 4 Kids Tulip Post Topper a crowning touch for theme park or playground utility posts that can be used to define walkways, decorate entrances, display signage and kick up the fun factor at all kinds of venues. The possibilities are endless for placement of the whimsical little tulip design, nature theme parks, preschools, family fun centers, children’s museums, retail outlets and many more. Crafted by experts in the art of playground design, the tulip post topper can turn a row of boring park posts into a virtual garden of these lovely blooms, boosting the décor scheme and adding dash and panache. Crafted in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids, the tulip post topper is not only beautiful, but includes a tough and resilient finish that resists damage in the worst of weather conditions, even snow, ice, intense heat or the sea salt spray from the ocean, making this design a favorite of park planners who value high quality and low maintenance.

  • High quality sculpture, low maintenance requirements
  • Retains like new finish in all weather conditions
  • American made
  • Ideal for theme park, playgrounds, indoors, outdoor settings

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Tulip Animal Cracker Post Topper
Fully Customizable