Standing Gorilla Sculpture / Products

A gorilla on the playground is a delightful idea, especially for those at the zoo that want actual interaction with a lifelike wild animal. The Standing Gorilla Play Sculpture is captivating and provides great fun. An intriguing climbing playground toy, children are encouraged to climb on, crawl under, sit on top and create make believe scenarios involving great big gorillas. A natural for nature, jungle or zoo themed parks or commercial venues, the gorilla's gaze takes in a world of excited kids who relish their chance to interact with this massive, and beloved, jungle beast. Gorillas are social creatures that live in groups. Create your own family of gorillas, by exploring our collection of safe, durable, low maintenance gorilla play sculptures for your park.

  • Custom designed play sculptures
  • Perfect for jungle or zoo themed settings
  • Hours of fun for kids
  • Encourages curiosity and interest in wildlife
  • Creating sculptures for children to engage with nature
Standing Gorilla Sculpture
42.5"L x 33"W x 51.5"H