Small Brahman Bull Grey / Products

Farm life is fascinating for kids, especially farm animals. The 4 Kids animal sculptures for parks and playgrounds are so realistic and lifelike that children simply have to touch. Fortunately, touching is encouraged on this Small Brahman Bull, as well as climbing, crawling and even sitting on his back as part of the kind of make believe scenario that only an imaginative youngster can dream up. Almost 4 feet long and 30 inches high, an authentic mini version of a Brahman Bull is perfectly replicated, including his signature hump. Amazing design and intense, vibrant color bring him to life as part of an extensive set of farm and frontier animals for theme parks, children’s museums, agricultural expos and fairs, indoor or outdoor play centers everywhere.

  • Customized playground designs
  • For indoor or outdoor parks and playgrounds
  • Lifelike design, virtually indestructible
  • High quality, safe and superior design

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2

Small Brahman Bull Grey