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So realistic, the museum curator may be fooled

Kids love nothing more than exploring the prehistoric world of dinosaurs, and budding archaeologists are able to indulge their penchant for bones during an exciting day at the theme park. The 4 Kids Saber Tooth Skull Post Topper is a unique and one of a kind design that perfectly replicates an authentic artifact, thrilling kids and adults alike at dinosaur theme parks, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor family fun centers. Ensconced at the top of a park utility post, the saber tooth skull adds panache and flair to the themed décor at parks and play centers, whether they are lining walkways, displaying signage, greeting park goers at entrances or defining spaces for food courts or ride queues. Intricately detailed and realistic, the skull is a superior work of playground art from the experts in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids. Meticulous artistry and high quality craftsmanship give the skull sculpture a tough, resilient finish that is virtually maintenance free in all weather, even ice and snow, intense heat or sea salt spray.

  • Customized playground designs by masters
  • Team includes artists, sculptors and playground designers
  • Possibilities for placement are endless
  • Crowning touch for plain park utility posts

Click Here to see the Saber Toothed Tiger Skull as a Sculpture

Saber Toothed Tiger Skull Post Topper
1'3" x 1'1" x Post Height