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Dino-mite Playground Combines Fun & Learning

Kids and dinosaurs go together like, well, kids and dinosaurs. That’s what makes the Prehistoric World Custom Playground a memory-making addition to any park, school, museum, or themed attraction.

This playground has everything children need to engage their imaginations while exercising their bodies. As shown, this custom play set offers 5 different slides, including a racing slide and a tube slide—favorites with most kids! Plus, the tree house is perfect for all kinds of active play fun. Other features include a rope crawl tunnel, a fossil-covered bridge, a mounted Pterodactyl Sculpture, a Cracked Dino Egg, and more.

We take fun seriously at The 4 Kids. That’s why we use only child-safe components made to the industry’s highest safety standards. What’s more, all our custom playgrounds are constructed with super-durable materials that resist virtually any weather condition. The pigments are UV-stable and the texture is molded into the material, so your investment will maintain its look for many years. Our playground consultants are ready to help you get started. Call The 4 Kids—let us transform your ideas into a fantastic, fun reality.

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor play
  • Low-maintenance materials
  • Additional dino-themed play sculptures available
  • Custom design services offered


Use Zone 47' x 42'1"

Prehistoric World
47' x 42'1"