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A dinosaur's fierce expression and big, sharp teeth may be scary to children, but not The 4 Kids' Postosuchus, who is, instead, wildly fascinating and a lot of fun. An exciting  sculpture that is delightful and thrilling to kids in the park or at a favorite dinosaur themed park, the Postosuchusis also perfect for a museum. Our dinosaur themed structures, like the Postosuchus, are custom created in an array of finishes for a lifelike design. Adhering to strict safety standards, using superior materials, our artists produce the finest equipment for kids everywhere.

  • Customized for maximum benefit
  • High safety standards, low maintenance
  • Captivating design
  • Suitable for  outdoor or indoor use

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image.)

Mounting Options: Installation Options 

*The sculpture shown here is for display only. For usage in a playground, we will produce a slightly modified version for safety and durability reasons. If you have any questions or need help with recommendations, drawings, specifications, modifications or customization, we are here to help.

Typical modifications/customizations we can help you with include: changes in colors, age group, surfacing type, surfacing depth and attachment.

Postosuchus Sculpture
33' x 16'