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This Boat's Docked. Climb Aboard!

What’s more fascinating to kids than pirates, and what more adventurous place than an exciting Pirate’s Bay Playground to while away hours climbing, crawling, sliding and exploring the make believe world of Pirates?!  As part of a theme park or playground, commercial or community fun center or even a family resort or museum destination, the Pirate’s Bay Playground is certain to impress.  Meticulously designed by the playground geniuses in the studios of The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, Pirate’s Bay Playground offers thirty feet of fun that includes two slides, a climbing rock with embedded anchor design, platforms, bridges and an authentically designed crow’s nest for make believe fun with all kids and their mateys.  Crafted with glass fiber reinforced concrete, Pirate’s Bay is safe and sturdy, with virtually no maintenance requirements for years of service in all weather.  Setting the stage for fun in any theme park includes superior play structures like Pirate’s Bay as well as playscapes for kids and adults alike. 

  • Pirate’s Bay Playgrounds are customized
  • Perfect for theme parks, splash parks, commercial fun centers
  • High fun factor for kids, low maintenance for park staff
  • Safe and durable, expert playground equipment design
  • Anchors a theme park décor scheme to set the stage for fun


Use Zone 31'L x 33'W

Pirate's Bay
31'L x 33'W