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Yo Ho Ho and a barrel of fun is guaranteed during a visit to a Pirate Theme Park that includes The 4 Kids Pirate’s Barrel playground sculpture design.  Crafted by The 4 Kids expert team of playground geniuses in Greenville, Texas, the Pirate’s Barrel is realistic and high quality, convincing visitors it’s a real barrel from a pirate ship of old.  Even though it’s only a replica of the older sea-faring barrels, salt water is no threat to this gfrc constructed playground sculpture, since it is resistant in all weather and requires virtually no maintenance.  Two and a half feet long and 2 feet high, the barrel is a valuable décor element for pirate themed museum exhibits, family entertainment centers, commercial or community playgrounds.  A favorite for kids who love to climb, crawl and balance their way to make believe adventure, the Pirate’s Barrel is impressive to park planners for its versatility and high safety levels. 

  • Design team includes artists and engineers
  • Realistically detailed playground structure lends authentic flair
  • Perfect for theme parks, commercial or community playgrounds or fun centers
  • Playground art for interactive play or décor element to kick up the fun factor
Pirate's Barrel
2'6"L x 2'W x 2'H