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What’s more exciting for a Zoo themed park goer than a reclining Bengal Tiger who looks hungry? Nothing!! That’s what most kids would say when they meet The 4 Kids Lying Bengal Tiger, stretched regally in a pose so lifelike they have to look twice to see if he’s the real thing. Flawless markings with meticulously detailed features, this mighty cat is more than just an impressive décor element for parks, playgrounds, children’s museums, expos, family resorts or Safari water parks. At 4 and a-half feet long and over a foot high, he offers kids on the playground the delightful opportunity to climb, crawl and sit atop his broad back, stimulating growing muscles and developing imaginations. From its sharp pointed teeth to its black and orange stripes, The 4 Kids Lying Bengal Tiger is a true work of playground art, crafted with superior skill by the nation’s foremost playground design team in the Texas studios of The 4 Kids. A perfect replica of the legendary jungle beast, this big cat’s tough resin finish resists wear and tear from wild weather or wild kids with virtually no maintenance requirements. 

  • Customized playground art
  • Perfect for Safari and Zoo themed parks
  • Lifelike, exciting tiger design
  • Popular with kids of all ages
Lying Bengal Tiger
4'6" x 2'2" x 2'11"