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Enjoy a flock of hens pecking along your walkway

The 4 Kids artists and playground art sculptors know the most beloved of all barnyard creatures just might be the hen, and the Hen Post Topper was created to share this little best-loved chicken with visitors at theme parks and playgrounds, farm museums, fun centers and indoor or outdoor facilities.  Imagine the fun of finding an entire flock of hens pecking for their dinner along park walkways, perched on top of utility posts displaying signs, bordering walkways and marking entrances and park spaces. Enhancing the décor theme with flair and panache, The 4 Kids Hen Post Topper turns a plain utility post into a decorating must have. The hen is also a favorite of park planners and staff, since the expert designers that make up the creative team in the Greenville, Texas studios of The 4 Kids use a top quality finish crafted from superior construction material to ensure weather resistance, low maintenance and years of wear. Have an idea for a hen topper for your posts? Contact The 4 Kids today and our design team will bring your ideas to life.

  •          High quality finish, low maintenance
  •          American made in Greenville, Texas
  •          Custom designs
  •          Perfectly rendered hen replica for post topper
  •          Weather resistant in all conditions

Click Here to see this Hen as a Sculpture

Hen Post Topper
12.5"L x 9.5"W x 16.5"H