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Shiny green apple design is just like the real thing

Setting the stage for a fun experience at entertainment venues can be tricky and décor that works well makes a big impact, such as The 4 Kids Green Apple Post Topper, enhancing food themed parks and restaurants, museums, resorts and many more. The one of a kind design sculpture of a beautifully colored green apple is so real looking one might be tempted to take a bite, and as part of a “bushel” of the appetizing fruit it is mesmerizing. It is set atop posts used to welcome visitors at entrances, along walkways and queues, or to support signage in theme parks, indoor or outdoor playgrounds and family fun centers.  The possibilities are endless for these attractive, colorful post toppers created by expert artists and sculptors in The 4 Kids Greenville, Texas studios. Besides flawless design, this work of playground art is crafted with a superior finish that is weather resistant and virtually maintenance free. This apple stays fresh for years, even in salt spray and snow and is certain to add flavor to every décor.

  • Custom design post toppers by playground artists
  • Crafted with superior finish for low maintenance in all weather
  • Shiny green apple design is just like the real thing
  • Expert artists and sculptors
  • Ideal décor accent for theme parks and commercial centers

Click Here to see this Apple as a Sculpture

Green Apple Post Topper