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Swing High!

Giraffes are elegant and tall, just like this swing set. Imagine how much fun your children will have when visiting a Safari themed park. The 4 Kids' Giraffe Swing Set will be the star of the playground. Every child will want a turn. Pair this swing set with our Safari Playground and our sunken hippo, and your park will really be a hit! Zoos have the best wild animal attractions, and all of the children love to watch the monkeys swing, and the giraffes with their long necks. Now they can play up close with the majestic creatures with this amazingly detailed swing set.

  • Hand Crafted in The 4 Kids' Studio
  • Made with GFRC for durability
  • Every safety standard is closely followed
  • Don't want giraffes? Check out our Metamorpho Swing Set

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Giraffe Swing Set
26.5"W x 11'9"H