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This Garlic Post Topper is a brilliant way to entice your restaurant patrons

The 4 Kids Garlic Post Topper goes a long way to setting up an exceptional evening out at your favorite Italian restaurant, or even in a food themed family fun center or culinary venue. Situated atop a utility post, the garlic design is meticulously detailed, tempting onlookers to reach out and pick. Flawless color and craftsmanship are captivating to everyone who enjoys this work of playground art, rendered by talented artists, sculptors and designers who specialize in décor accents for theme parks, community and commercial playgrounds, children’s museums and family entertainment venues. Imagine the Garlic Post Topper set along a walkway as part of a collection of The 4 Kids Post Toppers to point the way to eateries in the park, or as a unique décor feature for a cooking center or culinary demonstration. The possibilities are endless for this one of a kind design, crafted with high quality technique and materials to ensure years of low maintenance and good looks in all kinds of weather conditions, including punishing salt sea spray.

  • Garlic Post Topper adds flavor to theme park and entertainment center décor.
  • Custom playground designs from expert artists and sculptors
  • Highest quality construction, low maintenance, weather-resistant
  • Perfect atop utility posts for borders, entrances, to define spaces and signage
  • Realistic, meticulous detail

Click Here to see this Garlic as a Sculpture

Garlic Post Topper
23.5"L x 23.5"W x 41.25"H