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This Garlic Post Topper is a brilliant way to entice your restaurant patrons

Situated atop a utility post, the Garlic Post Topper is meticulously detailed, tempting onlookers to reach out and pick. Rendered by talented sculptors, to be used as a décor accent for theme parks, community and commercial playgrounds, children’s museums and family entertainment venues. Imagine the Garlic Post Topper set along a walkway  pointing the way to local eateries or as a feature in a healthy themed playscape. The possibilities are endless for this one of a kind design, crafted with high quality materials to ensure years of low maintenance and good looks in all kinds of weather conditions.

  • Adds ‘flavor’ to theme parks and restaurant décor
  • Custom designs from expert artists and sculptors
  • Highest quality construction, low maintenance, weather-resistant
  • Define borders, mark entrances, trail guides

Click Here to see this Garlic as a Sculpture

Garlic Post Topper