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Perfect for use in park playgrounds and daycare play yards, our Duck Animal Cracker is designed with small children in mind. Its rounded edges and durable materials provide a great place for little kids to climb, sit and play. While colors are completely customizable, The 4 Kids loves to create Animal Cracker equipment in bright, bold colors that attract and appeal to toddlers and elementary schoolers. Bring delight and irresistible fun to your play area with one of our many animal cracker pieces. This little Duck would make for a great water feature at splash parks.

  • Strong, durable materials for play equipment that is built to last
  • Adherence to high safety standards
  • No worries with low maintenance
  • Perfect for toddlers and older children, alike                                           

Age Range: 6-23 Yrs, 2-5 Yrs

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer   

Color: Custom Colors Available 

Use Zone: 16’8" X 12’6"

Mounting Options: Animal Cracker Mounting

Duck Animal Cracker
4' 8.25"L x 6"W x 3'H