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This double somersault bar is great for children of elementary age. This bar encourages the children to develop balancing skills as they swing and flip on it. Our double horizontal bar is bi-level for a more challenging approach. Each section on this double somersault bar is 4’ in width. The lower section measures 3’ and the higher section measures 3’6”. The bi-level allows for more than one player at a time while adding some challenge to the play sculpture. This piece is a great addition to any school playground or public park. The 4 Kids loves to inspire imagination, contact us today and let’s start your next project.

  • 1- 3'3"H bar and 1- 3'9"H bar
  • Expert team of designers to help you create an exciting play area
  • Specialize in customizations
  • Ship worldwide

Use Zone: 17' X 15'6"

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Double Horizontal Bar
5’L x 8”W x 3’6”H; 5’L x 8”W x 4’6"H