Blue Deinonychus / Products

This predator may have stalked the prehistoric world, but our Deinonychus Sculpture is the perfect size for engaging kids of all ages. Just at 6 feet high, it's kid-friendly and sure to spark their imaginations.  Like all our dino-themed structures, this one is constructed with sturdy material designed to hold up under weather, UV light, and curious visitors.

  • Ideal for children's museums, nature museums, and theme parks
  • Fun way to spark the imagination in kids--young and old
  • Crafted to maintain its finish and color with very little maintenance
  • One of many dinosaur-themed sculptures we offer

Kids and dinosaurs are an exciting combination, fueled by natural curiosity and lively imaginations. Our Dinosaur themed playground equipment includes a wide array of the massive beast play sculptures, not the least of which is The 4 Kids' Venenifer. Expertly designed and realistically crafted, the Venenifer is a favorite of kids on the playground, the theme park, fun center or community park. Created to meet the needs of play center planners, our sculptures are constructed with materials that ensure superior design and low maintenance.

  • Just one amongst our large prehistoric collection
  • Stunning artistry, superior construction
  • Loved by children in parks, playgrounds and fun centers
  • Awesome playground art for kids

Mounting Options:   Installation Option 1       Installation Option 2 

Blue Deinonychus
92"L x 22"W x 72"H