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Enjoy a flock of Iguanadont Post Toppers

When kids visit the Dinosaur theme park, they want to see dinosaurs, and lots of them.  With The 4 Kids Baby Iguanadont Post Topper, these delighted park visitors can find a dino on every post, lining walkways, bordering ride queues, pointing the way to fun areas of the park, even greeting them at the entrance.  Perched atop utility posts that are usually pretty boring, the baby iguanadonts turn them into exciting works of playground art, captivating children and adults alike with detailed, realistic artistry and deep, natural color.  Studying the post topper design can send you back in time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  A big part of the adventure in a prehistoric adventure park, the baby iguanadont post toppers also add dash and drama to the overall décor plan, putting the fun in functional.  As part of a collection of prehistoric creatures, the post toppers can turn a park or playground walkway into a stroll among the dinos that is sure to thrill the kids and impress the adults.  Park personnel love these unique babies also, since they require almost no maintenance in all weather, with a tough exterior finish that is resilient and retains its color and shine for years.

  • World-renowned designers
  • High quality, low maintenance
  • For parks and fun centers
  • Customized

Click Here to see this Iguanadont as a Sculpture

Baby Iguanadont Post Topper
39"L x 9.5"W x 17"H